What Is Bio-LNG?

Bio-LNG is Gasrec’s proprietary fuel blend. The standard blend is 25% Liquefied Biomethane (LBM) (which in pure form reduces CO2 by up to 70% compared to diesel) and 75% Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), which is widely available and cheaper than diesel.

Bio-LNG’s price/performance characteristics make the decision to move away from diesel commercially and strategically logical:

  • Bio-LNG is cheaper than diesel.
  • Bio-LNG is the only fuel which will reduce CO2 in the HGV fleet today.
  • The “bio” content in the Bio-LNG is derived from waste; it is sustainable; it is not imported and it meets all the criteria contained within the Renewable Energy Directive; for these reasons Bio-LNG should be a core part of the renewable transport fuel offering – for many years to come.
  • A range of commercial vehicles that can use Bio-LNG are available direct from original equipment manufacturers and there is a strong after-market conversion supplier base; all benefit from manufacturers’ warranties.
  • The fuel is proven; it has been tested and used for a number of years by major fleet operators like Coca-Cola, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.
In short, Bio-LNG is the FUTURE-PROOF FUEL for logistics.

Gasrec sells a proprietary blend of Bio-LNG; it is proprietary because currently Gasrec is the only large scale producer of Liquefied Biomethane in Europe.


The importance of the Liquefied Biomethane content is encapsulated in the table below. The information was prepared by CENEX, an independent UK government funded entity, which monitored the performance of vehicles over an extended period, using Liquid Biomethane as the fuel.

Gasrec’s Liquefied Biomethane production plant in Albury, Surrey is capable of producing over 5 million diesel litres equivalent per annum. The plant is located adjacent to a large municipal landfill site; the gases created by the decomposition of the organic waste are cleaned and liquefied at the plant. The fuel produced is guaranteed to be at least 96% biomethane and no more than 4% nitrogen.

Consistent fuel quality has been achieved since the plant started production in 2008. The fuel has been tested successfully in many different makes of vehicle including Iveco, Mercedes and Volvo and by many of the leading HGV fleet operators in the UK.

The price of Liquefied Biomethane is not influenced by international geo-political tension in the way fossil fuels are, which allows Gasrec’s customers some visibility on future fuel costs.